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New Version 2.43!!  
Now with improved AI, a new improved interface and Internet play options!!

If you enjoy this program, please donate some money for my work.

Basic Overview: 

   3D Connect Four is based upon classic Connect Four.  However in this game, you can connect pieces together in three different dimensions.  Pieces stack on top of each other in both y and z directions.  Although the game has simple rules, the strategy of the game can get very complex and with a good opponent, it can be more challenging than chess.

   This program allows you to play 3D Connect Four or classic Connect Four against a friend on your computer or across a network.  You can also play against the computer on 6 different difficulty levels.  The game play and AI in this game are excellent.  The AI is fairly easy on level 1 and nearly unbeatable on the hardest setting.

   If you enjoy a challenging strategy game like Chess, and want a challenging opponent to match, then this game is for you.

Rules: 3D Connect Four is similar to classic Connect Four, but it is played with multiple boards stacked on top of each other.  Here are the rules.  Each board plays like a normal board, except you can't move in a higher board unless there is already a piece in the same square in the board below it.  You can get four in a row through the boards or in the regular way.  

Features: In this game, you can play against a friend on one computer or over the network.  The game also has AI that can play against you on any of 6 different difficulty levels or you can watch the computer play against itself.  The game keeps a high score list of your best games on each difficulty level.  The game also has an interesting 3 and 4 player mode for 3D Connect Four.  The computer AI is fairly advanced, it has played itself to 105 moves once, shown below right.  If you are able to beat the computer on level 6, you can send in your high score to get it posted below.

Interface:    Version 2.0 has a brand new interface.  There are choice lists for number of players, difficulty level, and classic or 3D games.  Below First select which game type you would like to play, 3D or Classic.  Below this is a window if you want to play an opponent over the network or internet.  Under this is a display where the recent moves will be shown with the most recent in bold so you can always know what your opponent is up to.  Below this is the start and help buttons and then a message to show you whose turn it is.  The main window on the right is where you will play the game.  In the second window, a game log is kept so you can save your best games.  

Playing Directions:  To start the game, select your game type and the # of players.  If you're playing with a computer opponent, you can select the difficulty level, type in your name and click start.  If you would like to play over the network or internet that is explained more below.  After you have selected the options you would like for you game and put your name in for a single player game, click start.  The game board is shown in the window on the right.  Click in the column you would like to go in to place your piece.  If you try to make an invalid move then the computer should come up with an error sound.  The display on the left shows you both whose turn it is and what the recent moves were in an x,y,z format.  Afterward the display will show who has won and the top games on this level will be shown in the console window.

Network and Internet Play:  To play over a network, first someone must setup their computer as the host computer. After they have started the game as the host by selecting host in the Internet Options window and clicking start, then they are setup. Then the other play should connect by clicking "Connect To" and typing in the network name of their opponent in the field next to the button. The game should connect to the host once they click start. Playing over the internet is the same as over the network except instead of typing in the host's network name, you need to type in their IP Address. Your IP Address is shown in the Internet Options box so that you can easily find it and give it to your opponent. Make sure to type in your name in the your name box. The game type is decided by the host if the two players have made different choices.

Note: Network play will only work if both players have version 2.3 or above.

Download: To run Todd's 3D Connect Four, you need to download the Java Runtime Environment from  Then download and run this install file to setup 3D Connect Four version 2.  This game was written in java and takes advantage of the Java Power Tools kit.  For more information on the JPT, click here.  After over 7000 downloads on, they have decided to try to make me pay $80 to keep my program on their site.  If you wish to see my program back on, please click on the "Make a Donation" button above and send me some money for it.

Here are the current fastest wins on level 6 for regular and 3D Connect Four,  if you defeat level 6 on the current version of 3D Connect Four, version 2.40 or higher (check your readme file for version info), send me the transcript of your game and I will add you to the list.


2D Connect Four  Level 6
Rank Name Moves Color
1 Callum 9 Black
2 Callum 13 Black
2 Jedi 13 Red
4 Mario Jacques 14 Red
5 Vineet 15 Red
6 Todd 17 Red
7 Vineet 17 Black
8 Todd 19 Red
8 Sean 19 Red
10 Vineet 20 Red
10 Sean 20 Black

3D Connect Four  Level 6 (v 2.40+)
Rank Name Moves Color
1 Vineet 9 Black
2 Vineet 15 Black


3D Connect Four  Level 6 (Old Version)
Rank Name Moves Color
1 Todd 13 Red
2 Todd 14 Red
3 Todd 23 Black